In a speech to mark the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, President Xi Jinping highlighted that Shenzhen should build high grounds for technology and innovation with global influence. It is necessary to deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, and layout the industrial chain around the innovation chain. It should plan and nourish strategic emerging industries with a foresight to foster digital economy, and implement a more open talent policy.


智慧城市大講堂第三集: 智慧城市管理 支持香港政府推動數字化經濟發展 讓社會大衆瞭解智慧城市帶來優化的城市管理及生活質素 協會與政府丶企業及相關業界攜手推動智慧型社會 加强協會于大灣區推動資訊科技的工作 以線上線下形式舉行分享會,邀請業界專家作專題探討