Chairman’s Statement

The Greater Bay Area (GBA) offers significant potential in terms of economic and technological developments. The total GDP of the 11 cities in the GBA in 2020 reached USD $1.67 trillion, comparable to Korea at USD $1.63 trillion and Australia at USD $1.36 trillion. Further opportunities are abundant and are open to all.

More economic synergy of the GBA cities will be released when the massive infrastructure projects are progressively completed in the next few years, further integrating the cities.

At the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, President Xi pointed out that “we must plan the innovation chain around the industry chain, position the industry chain around the innovation chain, and position ahead strategic and emergent industries, nurture future industries and develop the digital economy.”

I see information technology playing a pivotal role in releasing the synergy between the cities and promoting more growth in the GBA, by facilitating easier data flow between the two Special Administrative Regions and the Guangdong cities.

Representing the Greater Bay Area Hong Kong Centre, I am pleased to Chair the Board of the newly formed GBA International IT Industry Association.

The Association will have nine expert committees, namely, Big Data, FinTech, Cloud Computing, Smart City, IoT and Supply Chain, Block Chain, AI and Robotics, Industrial Internet, Satellite and Spatial technology. Experts will be invited to join these committees to foster the development of the GBA. In addition, the Association will function as a platform for members of the industry to collaborate across the GBA. Young professionals will also find membership of the Association useful in furthering their career development, learning from senior experts of the nine technology committees.

I welcome all of you who are eligible to join the Association to realise the potential of the GBA.

CY Leung