Vision and Mission

Collaborate the synergy of information and technology in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to promote innovation and development of Greater Bay Area

Bringing together talents from the three places and around the world, stimulates the exchange and cooperation of information technology in the Greater Bay Area, promotes technology and information interconnection, and facilitates integrated developments

Objectives of the Association
a) To link the new generation of information technology industry, government, research and academia in Hong Kong, Macao, the Guangdong cities in the Greater Bay Area, and other parts of China and other countries to develop information technology and its applications so as to foster the social and economic developments in the Greater Bay Area and other parts of China;

b) To conduct policy research on technology applications applicable to the Greater Bay Area and China;

c) To build a platform for communication, knowledge exchange and cooperation for information technology industry stakeholders;

d) To build Hong Kong as an international information technology centre, and to use such position to benefit the information technology development in the Greater Bay Area, other parts of China and overseas;

e) To serve as an independent and open platform through which information technology users, regulators and government can collaborate and promote the deployment of information technologies in the Greater Bay Area and other parts of China;

f) To facilitate self-regulations and promote good governance in the information technology industry;

g) To promote the Greater Bay Area as a smart city technology hub through the effective use of information technologies and to extend such experience to Belt and Road countries and other parts of the world;

h) To foster the development of human resources in the information technology sector in the Greater Bay Area to ensure adequate capacity.